You may not want a playlist to be removed from your website for reasons like it is outdated or because you have discontinued the show or any such reason.

You can do this by simply making the playlist Inactive to do.

This is how you can deactivate or remove a playlist from your website

  1. From the Content section of the left menu select Organize -> Playlist

    You will see the list of available Playlists

2. Click on the Edit Button under the Action Column of the required Playlist
You will now see the details of the chosen Playlist

3. Status dropdown has two Options

Choosing Active - enables the playlist to be viewed from your website/app

Choosing Inactive - disables the playlist to be viewed from your website/app

4. Click on the Submit button, once the change is made.

You will notice that only Active playlists are shown up on the website/app and the inactive ones are hidden.

⏳ It may take up to 15 minutes for your changes to reflect.

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