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Cloud Playout Setup

how to create a linear live stream from your VOD content

Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

Cloud Playout is the capability to transform your on-demand video content into continuous 24/7 TV channels.

Here is how you can do it


✅Create a channel - Click here for instructions on how to create a channel.

✅Mapping a Shown under the created channel - Once the Channel is created, you need to link the channel with the show

Step 1: Adding Programs

Adding program. The first step for Creating a VOD to Live is to add the VOD content as a program so that it can be converted into an HLS link.

To add program,

  1. From the EPG section of the left menu select Manage EPG → Create EPG (Custom).

  2. Select the domain or leave it as it is if you have only one domain.

  3. Select the Channel under which you want to create a VOD to Live. For example, I have selected the channel Drama Live

  4. Under ‘Program Type’ you have 3 options to choose from the dropdown list such as ‘Media’, ‘Advertisement’, ‘Promo’.

  5. If you select ‘Media’, select the ‘Show’ mapped under the channel selected above.

  6. Once the show is selected, All the videos in the show will be listed in the dropdown under the Videos section. Select the video you want to add as a program.

  7. Enter the ‘Program Name’. Here you can use the video name as program name or you can use a different name as well.

  8. Under Program date you can add multiple dates if required by clicking the + icon next to the calendar. (Eg: Series played every day throughout the week).

  9. Select Program Start Time.

  10. The ‘Program End Time’ will be automatically assigned based on the duration of the content You selected.

  11. Click ‘Submit’ to add the program.

Step 2- ADDING EPG (Electronic Programme Guide):

EPG- Electronic Programme Guide is used to schedule videos under the channel for your VOD content. To create an EPG,

  1. From the Cloud Playout section select Program Scheduler → EPG →Create EPG.

  2. Enter the ‘EPG Name’. Select the ‘Channel’ for the EPG.

  3. Under ‘Manage EPG’ You have various options such as ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’, ‘Add/Manage program’.

  4. Once you press the submit button, the EPG URL for the selected channel will be generated and displayed on your screen.


Ad marker is used to ‘Create ad-breaks with your commercials in the live stream’. To create an Ad marker,

  1. From the left menu under Video playout select Manage EPG(VOD to Live) →Ad → Add AdmarkerEnter Marker Name.

  2. You have two options available while selecting Hosting for the Ad.

  3. If you select ‘Internal’, you have to select the Ad file from the system storage.

  4. Select the video file and click ‘Upload’. You need to upload the Ad in mp4 format. Once the Ad is uploaded, it will be converted into an HLS stream and will be inserted into the Stream where you have inserted the ad.

5. If you select ‘External’ you have to mention the duration of the ad in seconds and add the M3U8 URL for the ads.

6. Click ‘Submit’ to complete adding the Admarker.

7. Under ‘Manage Admarkers’ you can delete or preview the ad you have created.


Content fallback is used to fill the gaps in the Livestream where you can’t able to play advertisements or the advertisement or the content failed to play. You can play a Fallback video by using this option in case there is an issue with the live stream.

  1. From the left menu under Video playout select Manage EPG(VOD to Live) → Fallback → Add content Fallback.

  2. Enter ‘Fallback Name’.

  3. You have two options available while selecting ‘Hosting’.

  4. If you select ‘Internal’, you have to select the video file from the system storage.

5. If you select ‘External’ you have to mention the duration of the video in seconds and also enter the ‘M3U8 URL’.

6. Click ‘Submit’ to complete the process.

7. Under ‘Manage Admarkers’ you can delete or preview the Content fallback you have created.


1. You can generate the ‘Live Stream URL’ by entering the details of the EPG created.

2. Click ‘Generate URL’ to generate your Live Stream URL.

3. Once the URL is generated, you can preview this by selecting the Preview button.

Step 6- Uploading Livestream Video: (To upload to created video feed)

1. After the M3U8 URL is generated, you need to upload this as a Livestream so that the video will play on the endpoints.

2. Click here to learn about how to upload a live stream.


You can view your EPG feed under the ‘EPG Feed’. If you open the URL in a new tab, You can see the list of programs you have added to your VOD to Live stream.

Once the above steps are completed, We can add your VOD live to your Website and Apps.

You can contact our support team if you have any questions.

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