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How to Set up and customize your Live page
How to Set up and customize your Live page
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago


Before start customizing the Live page, you need to add a Livestream(Linear livestream or VOD to Live) with EPG linked to it. Otherwise, you will get the below alert message on the platform.

Alert message:

Check the following articles to learn more about adding Linear Livestream, EPG, and cloud playout using VOD content(VOD to Live).

Once the above is added you can able to customize the Live page based on your requirements.

Customizing your Live page:

You can customize your Live page like the other default pages such as the Home page and other details page, and make it a home page if required.

To go to Live page customization-

From the left menu, select → Responsive Website → Website(beta) → Pages → Live page

You can choose between the 3 available layouts to make your live page more appropriate-

Layout 1:

  • This layout will have a player playing the first channel by default and the channel EPG will be listed below the player if you enabled it.

  • This will be suitable when you have one or two live streams since the player will occupy the space above and users have to scroll to the bottom to change channels if there are multiple channels.

  • You can enable Live Chat for users in this layout but the channel name and description will not be available on this layout.

Sample screenshot:

Layout 2:

  • If you have multiple channels and your template is based on Livestreaming, then you can choose layout 2 as it has a carousel-based setup and the channels are easily accessible based on the categories especially if you have more than 10 channels.

  • You can able to make this layout your home page if you have more livestream content than VOD content.

  • This layout is not suggested if you have only a few channels.

Other than layout selection you will also have additional options to choose from based on the selected layout 2.

  • Notify- Will notify the selected program.

  • Favorite Channel- Will mark the selected channel as a favorite and will also list the same in the favorites section.

  • Watch Channel- will play the selected channel.

  • Catchup Channel- Will let you check the past programs for the channel

  • Set As Home Page- Will make the Live page- the default home page. Users will see the live page when they visit your website.

  • Category Menu- Will display categories such as news, comedy, drama, movies, etc.

  • Date Filter- Let you select between dates of the current week(Current day + Upcoming 7 days) for checking the EPG scheduled.

Sample screenshot:

Layout 3:

  • This layout will have a preview player for the first channel and if you want you can select from the available channels to preview them.

  • You can watch the channel in full screen using the watch option available.

  • Channel name and description will be available on this layout.

Sample screenshot:

Once the changes are completed and saved, you need to add the live page to your Header and Footer menus to make it available for the users unless you selected the “Set as Home page” option on Layout 2.

If you selected any theme with an existing Live page, you can customize it using the above steps based on your requirement or you can add additional streams to the existing page as well(without making any changes).

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