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How to set up your website's Home page using linear Live
How to set up your website's Home page using linear Live
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

Before setting up a website (using Linear Live and VOD), we need to select a suitable theme for your website. Click here to learn more about selecting a theme for your website and apps.

Based on the content you have, let's say that you have more live channels and not much VOD content, then you can select Theme 2(TV channel) or you can choose any theme and make the below-mentioned changes to set up the live page as the home page.

Once the theme is selected, you need to upload your content to the platform. For checking this, you can use the default content available on the platform if you don't have any content to upload. Once the content is uploaded, you can follow the below steps.

The next step is to set up the Live page as your home page. To do this, you need to do the following.

1. From the Apps section of the left menu, Select, Responsive Website--> Website(Beta) --> Pages --> Live page.

2. By default, Layout 1 or 3 will be selected based on the theme choosed. Since we are making the home page using linear live, select Layout 2 and this is the best suited layout for your home page.

3. Select the channels you want to add to the carousel under the channels section and make sure you have enabled all the options that suits best for your live page such as Channel name, Channel description, Program title etc,.

4. Enable the options that are required for the EPG section of your live page.

5. Finally, enable the "Set as Home Page" option to set your live page as home page.

6. Select "Save" to save the changes made in the section.

7. If the website is not built earlier, you can go to the build website section and see the made changes on the Live page that is the home page of the website.

8. Based on the selected theme, if there is already a live page available as shown below, then you can follow the steps below to complete setting up the website.

Step 1: Under the Header section, General settings, Disable the home button(Since we are using Live page as Home page) and select Save.

Step 2: Under the advanced settings, rename the Live page as "HOME" and select Save.

Step 3: Reorder the renamed Live page ie the Home page to the first position as shown below and select Save.

Step 4: Now, the page will be updated as shown below.

9. You can organize your VOD content(if any) by following the steps here.

10. If you don't want to select any default theme, you can use the custom option and follow the same steps above to make the Live page as your website's home page. Click here to learn more about custom theme.

Important notes:

  • While making the changes to the header menu, it is important to save the changes after each step as mentioned otherwise some changes will not be saved.

  • This Layout 2 changes were in beta and available only for the website.

  • If you select custom theme, along with the above steps you need to make some additonal changes to make your website more appealing.

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