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Update a 24x7 linear Livestream with EPG with your VOD content playlist
Update a 24x7 linear Livestream with EPG with your VOD content playlist
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You might want to stream your existing VOD content in a particular sequence repeatedly. This article will guide you through the process

From the Video Playout Section of the left menu, select Manage EPG (VOD to Live) Content > Add Program

  • Select the required Channel from the dropdown

  • The Program Type can be

    • Media - for scheduling your VOD content

    • Advertisement - for scheduling ads

    • Promo - for scheduling promotions like trailers

  • Select the Program type as Media, select Playlist

    ⚠️ Note: Once a playlist is scheduled, any changes made in the order of videos in the playlist will not be reflected in the schedule, ie If you make any changes in the order after the playlist is scheduled, it will not reflect on the EPG schedule. You need to schedule the playlist again in order for the updated playlist order to appear in the EPG.

  • You can loop the content to be repeated any number of times

    • Eg: if you choose a playlist named pop songs which has 10 videos each 4 minutes long (total 40 minutes) and loop counts as 3. The playlist will be looped thrice (40*3=120) for 120 minutes - This will be shown as Playlist Content Duration once you make your choices

    ⚠️ Note: Playlist Looping Count cannot be edited once submitted. This is to make sure that edits don't affect previously made schedules

    ⚠️ Note: Shows within a playlist will not be considered for the schedule. Only the individual videos will be considered and content duration will be calculated based on the same

  • The next thing you have to do is to schedule the stream by choosing the Program Date. If you have already scheduled a program, then the EPG ending time will be set as the Start Time of the next looping.

  • Let's say If I am going to add a playlist looping on 30th September and the current looping ends on October 1 at 10:30:00 am, then the start time will be set as 10.30.01 am by default and the date will be set to October 1.

  • If the EPG is not added before, you can select the date starting from the current date or a future date.

  • Once the details are added, click the Submit button.

Now you can see the added EPG detail will show up on your website and apps.

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