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You might be using third-party videos (videos from your content partners) on your website and apps. You can add and manage all these content partners in your dashboard.

You will be able to know the views and revenue that you have generated from each partner. You can also create accounts for your partners so that they can upload videos and view analytics.

This helps you easily share revenue with your partners at the end of the month.

Steps for adding content partners:

  • From the Billings & Payment section of the left menu, select My Profile and then select Manage Content Partner

  • Click on New Partner

  • Enter the Partner Name.

  • In Revenue Type, You have two options - Fixed and Percentage.

Fixed means that you are paying a fixed amount to the partner every month. For example, you are paying $1 for every PPV transaction that has happened on the partner’s content.

Percentage means that you are sharing a percentage of the revenue with the partner. For example, you are sharing 30% of all the revenue that you make on the partner’s content.

  • In Revenue Share, enter how much you are sharing with the partner. If you have chosen Percentage in Revenue Type, enter the percentage that you want to share. If you have chosen Fixed in Revenue Type, enter the fixed amount you want to share with the partner.

  • If you want to create a separate account for your partner, you can create a new sub-user and map that sub-user here.

  • Click Submit to complete the process of adding a Content partner.

This is useful when you want to create a separate account for your partner for them to view analytics. In Sub User, choose the sub-user account you want to map to this partner.

Learn how to create sub-users here.

  • To view a list of all partners, go to My Profile > Manage Content Partner. Click Edit to edit the partner details.

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