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Creating Content Partners
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

Different people may work with scaling your video business. Some may be your employees and others could be third-party content providers. You may want to grant them permission based on who they are.

Here is how you can add partners, manage their permissions, and link their accounts.

Step 1: Create a Subuser profile for the partner

  • From the My Profile section of the left menu, select Manage Subuser

  • Click on the Add button

You will see a page where you can fill in the details of the user.

  • Fill in user details such as Name, Login username, password, and email address

  • Select Yes in the Is Content Partner field- if the user is a third-party content creator

  • Grant the user the required permissions by checking them, and click on the Submit button.

For Content partners, you will notice that the permissions are classified as Content and Analytics for your convenience.

⚠️ Note: The permissions available are different for sub-users.

Step2: Linking content partner account without a revenue share:

Please follow the steps below for linking the account created with Step 1 to make the feature work seamlessly.

1. From the left menu, select My Profile > Manage Content Partner > New Partner.

2. Enter the Partner Name.

3. Under Revenue Type, Select "Fixed".

4. If you don't want to add any revenue details or if you are not using any monetization model, Please enter the value as "0", under the Revenue Share section.

5. In Sub User, choose the Content partner account you have created for this partner using Step 1.

6. Select Submit to complete the process of adding a Content Partner.

Note: After completing steps 1 and 2, Your content partner can log in to their account by using the username and password you created for them.

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