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What partner accounts would you set up?
What partner accounts would you set up?
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Now that you have set up various profiles for your partners and employees, you will want each person to have different accesses.

For example, you may allow your partners to upload content but not know much about your advertisers. You may want your employees to track reports but not allow them to watch the video content.

You can set up different permissions for different user profiles.

1. Choose My Profile from the left menu and then select Manage Sub-user

2. Fill in details such as username (for the user), password, email address, and your registered domain (from the dropdown)

3. You will also have to check the boxes with permissions based on requirements.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: A sub-user can be marked as a content partner and their revenue share can be defined and maintained in the Ventuno dashboard.

How do you control what your partner sees?

The check box section below the access rights (on Domain) will let you manage the access your partner has

You can check any number of boxes based on requirements

In the above example, the partner profile has access to

  • Revenue Report - The partner will have access only to this report (access to other reports will be denied until they are granted by you)

  • Manage Display Ads - The partner will be able to manage display ads on the video content

  • Upload Content - The partner will be able to upload content to your library

  • FTP Upload Status - The partner can track their file upload status (while using FTP)

  • Geo Block - They can block their videos from being visible in certain regions. This is usually done for rights and permissions to distribute their videos in certain regions.

You can always revoke the granted permission by unchecking the boxes.

How do partners upload content?

Once you have created a profile for the user and granted them permission to upload content – the user will be able to upload content to your library.

1. The user needs to login to the platform with their user-id (created by you)

2. The user will see a left menu with limited options (based on permissions granted by you)

How to intimate partners when an account is set up?

You can email your partners with their login id and password – which they can reset. In the future, you can send an email to notify your partner from the Ventuno platform. We will keep you updated about this.

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