You can create different accounts for your colleagues to use Ventuno. Each account can have a different role. We call these accounts sub-users.

You can decide which features are accessible to each sub-user. For example, a person who uploads videos might not need to know the last month’s revenue.

Steps to create sub-users:

1. From the left menu, Select My Profile > Manage Sub Users > Add.

2. Enter the name of the user in the User Name.

3. Enter the Login ID in User Login and password in Password. The user will be using these credentials to log in to their account.

4. Retype the password in Confirm Password and enter the E-mail of the user.

5. In Access Rights, choose the domain (if you have multiple domains) and enable the features that you want to enable for the user you are creating.

6. You can restrict certain features for the user using this option.

7. Finally, click Submit to create a Sub User.

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