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Spammers find their way everywhere. They may make spammy comments on your platform or there can be some users who keep on creating new email addresses to enjoy endless unnecessary comments. You can block access to such users to handle the situation.

1. Select Users and then Manage Users from the left menu

2. You will see a list of users, you can also filter with certain conditions to narrow the results.

3. You can block the user's comments by selecting the respective users and selecting the Comments Allowed option that is available for each user.

4. Once the user's comments are blocked from the platform, he/she will not be able to comment on your applications/website.

5. If you want to unblock the user comments again, you can select the Comments Blocked option that is available for each user.

Note: If there is a "Comments Allowed" action present then the user can be able to comment on your application and if there is an action of "Comments blocked", then the user can't spam your application via comments.

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