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Filter users by Status, Type, Duration, and Email
Filter users by Status, Type, Duration, and Email
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You can look up specific customers by email address. To look for groups of customers, you can use the user type or user status filters. You can also use the duration (date) filter to narrow down the search result.

  1. Select Users and then Manage Users from the left menu.
    Here, you can see a list of your customers.

  2. The User Status filter to the right allows you to identify your customers by their status - Active, Inactive, or Test users

  3. The User Type filter allows you to identify users by their registration type - Trial user, Subscribed user

  4. The date (duration) filter, allows you to filter users based on their registration date. The date filter is enabled only after choosing the User Type filter,

  5. The User Email filter option lets you look for a specific user by their email id.


In this example, we have filtered Inactive, Registered users between October to December 2021

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