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Search and Filter Customers
Search and Filter Customers
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You can search for specific customers by email. To retrieve for the larger segments of customers, you can use the status filter or user type filters to get down the list of customers based on their status.

Tip: To achieve better results in your search, use smaller or more specific search terms. For example, if you need to find a specific customer, search for, their email or the user status, or the user type.

Active- Users who have signed and had subscription access. This also includes users who have made one-time purchases or paid for rentals.

In Active- Users who have subscribed, but don't have access because of an unpaid invoice.

Test User- Users who signed up for testing purposes. This also includes the users who have one test user

Registered User - Users who have signed up but have never had subscription access.

Trial User - Users who signed up for a subscription and are currently using the subscription trial period.

Subscribed User -Users who have signed and had subscription access.

Duration - You can also filter the user’s list based on the specific duration.

We do have the search and filter option in all of the Analytics reports.

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