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Comments are a great way to 👂listen to your viewers

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Building an internal community using a comments section is a great way to foster a relationship with your viewers

Moreover, you get valuable feedback from your viewers through their comments

Did you know that: Nearly 75 % of viewers read online comments before, after, or while watching a video on their mobile!!

Here is how you can enable commenting for your videos

  • From the Users section of the left menu, select Manage User Comments

  • Click on the Comment Settings button to define the commenting rules

Once you click it, you have to decide upon the following

  • Allow Commenting: This feature has a toggle button. By toggling it, you can enable or disable comments on your videos.

Enables users to comment on your videos

Users will not be able to comment on your videos

  • Comment Read Option: Setting who can read your comments

    • Anyone: By selecting this option anyone on the internet can read the comments on your videos

    • All logged-in users: Only users who have logged in (need not be subscribed) can read the comments
      Some users tend to read comments before they purchase a subscription to make sure they get quality entertainment

    • Subscribed users: Only the users who have subscribed to your service will be able to read comments on your content

Comment Write Option: Setting who can post comments on your videos

⚖️ Understanding the Pros and Cons of User Comments

Based on the quality of user engagement, commenting can boost or harm your website's ranking on search engines.

User comments can be rich with search terms and phrases -- which you did not insert. However, if not moderated properly, they can harm your website with spam.

✔️ Pros

  • SEO Advantages

  • Communication with and among viewers

  • Viewer Feedback insight


  • Chances of spam

  • Requires time and effort of an admin

Here is a screenshot of what the comment feature will look like on the website.

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