Every website has static pages such as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, About us, FAQ, etc.

A good website design should highlight your service from a variety of perspectives, take into account visitors' search interests, and make it simple for people to find content and subscription plans.

Pages like FAQ, and Pricing plans, will assist your site rank well in search (to attract new visitors) as well as progress users through the sales funnel (moving from first-time visitors to loyal customers).

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Steps for adding static content:

1. From the left menu, Select SEO > Manage Static Content.

2. You will see fields for the following static pages:

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms and Conditions

  • About Us

  • Refunds and the cancellation policy

  • Terms of Use

  • Supported Devices

  • FAQ

  • Contact Us

  • End-user License Agreement

  • Pay Per View(PPV) Service Agreement

3. Select Edit to add text for the fields that you want to have on your website and apps

4. Enter the text for the selected fields.

5. You can also add links to your social media accounts on your website and apps. Enter the links under Facebook Link, YouTube link, and Twitter link

6. You can also add hyperlinks to your static page content. Please check the article here for more details on adding hyperlinks.

7. Finally, select Update to save the changes made on the page.

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