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Manage Shop - Can I sell products with Ventuno?
Manage Shop - Can I sell products with Ventuno?
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If you want to sell physical or digital goods, such as e-books, do it like a pro with Ventuno’s intuitive platform. The easy-to-use and feature-rich platform is the best way to sell things, communicate with viewers, and earn new customers.

You can display and sell products on your website or app. Visitors to your e-shop can look through your products, make purchases, and learn more about your business.

Here is how you can set up your store

Creating a Product

From the Shop section of the left menu, select Manage Shop > Manage Product

You will see a list of your products (if you already have added products to your store)

  • Click on the Create Button.

  • Fill in product details such as Product Name, Description and also upload an image.

  • Click on the Submit button after filling in the details.

You will see that the product has been added. Repeat the same process to add more items.

Edit - Modify Product Details

To err is human; to edit is divine.

If you uploaded an incorrect image, changed your mind about pricing, or filled a field incorrectly, you may easily modify the information by following the below steps.

  • Select the Edit option under the Action Column of the required product

  • It will take you to the Product Information Page.

  • Edit the fields as needed

  • Click on the Save button

The changes are applied to the Product.

Deleting a Product

It's understandable to feel strange when it's time to say goodbye to a product from your store. You took a lot of effort creating the product, but you can delete it with a single click.

  • Select the Delete option under the Action Column of the required product

💡 Things to do before Deleting a Product

  • Replace any product recommendations or links with more relevant ones to avoid gaps in the suggestions you make to your viewers.

  • Notify buyers who may be anxious about this item suddenly disappearing – ideally, you can reach out to them before it entirely sells out and inform them that you may not restock it.

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