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Change the campaign priority
Change the campaign priority

if a campaign has higher priority than others

Written by Selva Mani
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You can prioritize any campaign at any time. This enables you to use the same targets for multiple campaigns and prioritize those campaigns based on campaign objectives.

A campaign with the highest priority will be given importance and will be run first. Once the campaign with the highest priority is completed the campaign with the next highest priority will commence.

For example, when you have a campaign with a higher CPM rate, you would want to allocate a higher priority to it than other campaigns.

How Ventuno serves ads to viewers

Ventuno follows the waterfall model for running campaigns.

In the waterfall model, the campaign with the highest priority is first shown to viewers when they click on a video. If the campaign doesn’t return an ad, the campaign with the second priority is shown. The process repeats until the campaign with the least priority is shown. If none of the campaigns return an ad, the viewer will be able to play the video without any ad.

If ad one

Else ad two

Else ad three

And so on….

Steps to change the campaign priority:

1. From the Monetization section of the left menu, Select Manage Monetization > AVOD (Video Ads) > Campaign Priority

2. You will see a list of all campaigns that are currently running.

3. You will see a column Partner Weight against each campaign. Higher partner weight corresponds to higher campaign priority. Set the highest partner weight to the campaign that you want to allocate the highest priority.

4. For example, if you have 3 campaigns (A, B, and C), and you want to allocate 1st priority to A, 2nd to B, and 3rd to C, you can set the Partner Weight as

100 for A

70 for B

50 for C

5. In the above image you can see the Partner weight set to 14 for the first campaign.

6. By providing this value, you can prioritize your campaign based on the CPM.

7. Finally, select Update to save the changes made.

What’s next?

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