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Video deletion in your CDN
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Once you've integrated your CDN with the Ventuno platform, you can delete the video in your CDN through the platform.

If you want to delete the video content from CDN once the video is deleted from the platform, the video should be encoded in the Ventuno platform.

From the Content section of the left menu, select Organize> Video Library

Click on Manage Video button to the right of the video

Set Status as Delete

Click on the Save button

2. Once the Save option is selected, you'll be asked for a CDN password to delete the video completely.

3. If the video is deleted from CDN, it will be deleted from the Ventuno database as well.

4. If the video contents are deleted by your team unknowingly or by mistake, they will be permanently deleted from your CDN storage after 48 hours which will not be restored again.

5. After the video is deleted, the deleted videos will be removed from all the endpoints after 10 Minutes.

6. If you want to revert back the deleted video, please drop an email to which is also mentioned in the mail that you received once the video deletion is initiated.

7. FYI, we can revert back the deleted video only within 24 hours from the video deletion.

Note: While deleting the video, we will store the information of login details, IP address, User-agent details, Date & time.

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