Do you have a lot of users that you want to add to your website? You can easily add them to your website by uploading a CSV with their information.

Your users will simply have to validate their email addresses once you have invited them to your website.

CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a data storage file format that looks like a text file. The data is organized so that one entry is on each line, and each value is separated by a comma. The file format can be easily managed with Microsoft Excel or similar tools.

Here is how you can add all your users to your website in a go

  • Select Users and then select Add Users from the Left menu

You will see the Manage OTT Users section.

  • Download the sample CSV file. This file is a template for you to fill in the data.

The downloaded file opens in MS Excel, you can choose to open it in other spreadsheet applications.

Mandatory fields

The below fields must have a value for your entries to be saved. The fields are marked with * symbol for your identification

  • Name: Fill in the name of the user

  • Email: Enter the email address of the user. This field accepts only unique values (i.e) no two users can have the same email address.

  • Phone No: Enter the contact number of the user. This field accepts only unique values.

  • Subscription Type: Fill in TVOD or SVOD based on user plan

  • Plan ID: Fill in the Plan ID that the user has subscribed for

  • Payment Vendor: This denotes the Payment Gateway Vendor chosen for the transaction eg. Paypal, Stripe, etc.

  • Existing Transaction ID: Fill in the existing Transaction ID for the transaction. If you are not aware of the same, you can leave it as empty

How to identify the Plan ID

  1. Choose Monetization from the Left Menu

  2. Select SVOD / TVOD - the plan for which you would like to know the ID

  3. You can see the unique plan ID for each plan

Non Mandatory fields: You can fill in the information of these fields if you have them handy. There will be no issues if you choose not to fill these fields.

4. Save the file after filling in the details of your users

5. Upload the file by clicking on the Choose your CSV to Add Users Option

Once the file is Uploaded, you will find the details of the users listed.

6. Click on the Proceed button.

7. Click on the Send mail button

You will see an editable email template, which will be sent to your users for validating their email accounts.

8. Click on the Send button

The Users will be added to the respective Plans, once they verify their email addresses.

Are you ready to Add your users with a CSV file?

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