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The User section provides a summary of your users. It allows you to track users' activity, make account edits, look into their payment history, and grant or remove access to paid content.

Manage Users: The manage users section lets you look for a particular user or a group of users. You can also edit a user’s information, remove or even block a user here.

User Feedback:This section displays the feedback given by your users along with their email addresses, date, and the show name.

User Message: This section lets you send messages to your users. You can also track the status of your message. This lets you build a relationship with your users and promote relevant content. It is a simple yet effective customer retention tool.

Canceled Users: This section gives an overview of users who have canceled their subscriptions along with reasons for cancelation. If the reason is resolvable, you can do so and ensure that they don’t leave.

IP Whitelisting: This helps you whitelist the IPs of users to whom you want to give access without any restrictions that may be applicable to them otherwise.

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