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Understanding the different types of users interacting with your platform is crucial for its success. From loyal customers to dedicated employees and creative content partners, each role plays a vital part in shaping your streaming experience.

Who is your customer?

A customer is an end-user who subscribes to your streaming service to consume content, such as videos, movies, and shows. They pay for access to your platform's offerings and engage with your content regularly.

To manage your customers efficiently, you will need the below features

Who is your employee?

An employee is a user with internal roles within your streaming service. They might be responsible for content management, analytics, marketing, or other administrative tasks.

To manage your employees effectively, you will need the below features

Who is your content partner?

A content partner is an external collaborator who contributes content to your streaming platform. They could be creators, studios, or individuals who provide videos, movies or shows to be featured on your service.

To manage your content partners efficiently, you will need the below features

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