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Pricing page - Plan customization
Pricing page - Plan customization

How to customize your pricing page?

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What is a Pricing Page?

The pricing page of your OTT service lists the different pricing options or tiers available to viewers and the value proposition of each package.

Pricing Page Best Practices

  • List your plan options

  • List your prices

  • List the unique features, content value, at each price point

  • Have a unique image for each plan

  • Highlight the plan you really want people to buy

  • Add the benefits such as secure payment, coupon codes/offers, and a free trial if you have one

How to add plan details while creating a monetization plan?

Plan Description

Add a short description of the plan. This will not only help you with search engine rankings but also will enable the viewers to see the value offered through the plan.

Your plan description can be styled with an HTML editor. You can format your text as bold, italic, and add hyperlinks and bullets.

Plan Price and Discount

The Discount Type could be Percentage or Fixed (reduce the specified amount)

Currency - can be chosen from the drop-down list

Plan Order

The placement of a plan plays an important role in upselling. The plan order field enables you to decide the order (position) at which a plan is placed

Plan Poster

Images attract the human eye more than text. This is why your plans need a unique poster to represent them.

Private Plan

Discounts are not only a way to acquire new customers, but also to express your appreciation to existing ones.

What better way to express your gratitude to your most valuable customers than to offer them an exclusive plan?

You can create a special plan and share it only with your most valuable customers via email campaigns, SMS, and in-app messages. This way, they feel recognized and do not leave.

  • A private plan will be available only to the customers you share it with

  • A public plan will be available to everyone

Enable Ad

You can subsidize the price of a plan by adding some ads to it. This way, you can acquire more users in a price-sensitive market.

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