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Private Plans
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You can create a custom offer for your subscription plans. The offer gives your customer the ability to purchase your subscription at a special rate.

When you create a custom offer for specific customers, you must set up a discount level that you want to offer them, based on your subscription pricing plans.

For example, You could offer a subscription at a special price for users who are new to your platform

Or you could offer a lower-priced subscription for people who have made more than a certain number of TVOD transactions -- this will encourage them to subscribe to your service.

It's all up to you, You can make the specially priced plans available to any set of users.

How to set up a Private Plan?

From the Monetization section of the left menu, select SVOD and Manage SVOD Plans

  • Click on the Plus + button

  • Fill in the name and select its type (Normal, Trial, or Free) from the dropdown

  • Click on Add New button

  • Click on the Target option

  • Click on the plus icon and fill in details for the plan

  • Head to the Plan Type Section

    • Selecting Private - makes the plan available for select users (URL generated can be shared with select users)

    • Selecting Public - makes the plan available for all

Sharing the Private Plan

Share the private plan URL only with users whom you want to share via email.

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