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Extend the plan Validity(TVOD)
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

You can extend the validity of already existing plans through the platform by checking out the following article. Find out why and how you can extend the expiration date of your plan in this article.

Following are some scenarios where extending plan validity may be useful:

a) Increase the validity of users added by the Admin through the Platform.

There are many reasons why admins may add some users. If you have provided a short duration for the TVOD plans, you must constantly update the validity for the Admin added users to access the content. In this case, TVOD plans have limited validity and expire rapidly. Unlike SVOD subscriptions, it won't automatically renew.

You can avoid this by simply extending the TVOD plan's validity for an extended period after it is added, say for one month. In this way, you do not need to check the validity of short plans to update them for users added by the admin.

b) Increasing the validity of the users to attract their attention.

If you have both TVOD and SVOD plans for the same content and some users use TVOD only to get access, you can encourage them to switch to the SVOD plans like providing an extended validity for the TVOD plans. Click here to learn more about the hybrid subscription(SVOD+TVOD) available for videos.

You can also provide a flat discount on your SVOD plans as well. In this way, you can make sure more users switch to an SVOD plan which will generate more revenue.

c) Increasing Validity to compensate the technical issues:

For some users, the plan will not be activated on the day of purchase (TVOD) due to technical issues, you may wish to compensate them by providing additional validity. You can simply search for the user in Manage users and extend their TVOD plan validity for any number of days you want.

Follow the below steps to extend the TVOD plan validity for the users.

1. Form the left menu select Users > Manage users.

2. If the user is recently added, then you can find them on the list of users on your screen or you can always search their mail id from the right side filter.

3. Enter the user mail id and select the filter button. The user details will be displayed.

4. Scroll to the right of the screen where you can find the Manage button.

5. Select the manage button and you will be taken to the user details page where you can see the plan details purchased by the user.

6. Under TVOD details you can find the list of TVOD plans purchased by the user. Under the Action tab, you will see the Edit option.

7. Select the Edit button and a pop-up will appear requesting you to update the TVOD validity date.

8. Select the Calendar button.

9. You can select a date from the calendar to extend the plan validity.

10. It is important to note that you can only select a future date, i.e., only after the current validity period expires. The plan is valid until 29th November 2026 for the above user, so you can't choose a date before then. Instead, you can select a date starting on 30th November 2026.

11. Select Update after selecting the date. As you can see from the above screenshot, the validity has been extended by one year and one month.

12. An additional row called Date info will appear to show that the validity has changed and the expiry date will also change to the selected date (31.12.2027).

13. No matter how many times you change the dates, the same limitations apply as mentioned in step 10.

14. Updated validity periods will also reflect on the user's profile page where purchased contents are listed.

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