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Create video ad campaigns
Create video ad campaigns

targeted ads, pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, skipable and un-skippable ads.. learn how to set them all

Written by Selva Mani
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What is video advertising?

Video advertising is displaying advertisements either within your video content – commonly before, during, or after a video stream (referred as pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll) or as standalone advertisements.

In addition to video advertising, you can also monetize your content with - banner, native and interstitial ads

This article will help you set up ads within your video content.

Ventuno's ad-server supports video assets, VAST, VPAID, and programmatic tags. You can create and manage multiple campaigns at the same time.

Ventuno follows the waterfall model for running campaigns.

Creating a video ad campaign

  • From the Monetization section of the left menu, select Manage Monetization > AVOD (Video Ads) > Manage Campaign.

  • Click Add New Campaign on the right side of the screen to create your campaign.

  • Select Ad type > Pre-roll, Mid-roll, or Post-roll as per your requirement.

  • Enter Name of the campaign,

  • Select the Release Order (RO) for this campaign under Campaign RO.

    🥁You need to create an RO before creating the campaign. Learn more about creating an RO.

  • In Ad Asset Type, map the type of asset or tag you have. We support VAST, VPAID, Programmatic tags as well as an asset of the video. Learn more about creating assets.

  • If you want to direct users to a new URL when they click on the ad, enter the URL in Click-Through URL.

  • In Campaign Content-Type, decide whether you want to run the ad on On-demand content, live stream content, or both.

  • Under Secondary Information,> Is Skippable ad? choose if the ad can be skipped by users or not. If yes, add the duration at which the skip should appear under Ad Skip Offset.

  • Targeting Information is used for setting the targeting criteria for the ad

    • Geo-Target ads by countries (eg: US, UK, Canada)

    • State - Target ads by states (eg: Texas, California)

    • City - Target ads by cities (eg: New York, Las Vegas)

    • Category - Target ads by categories (eg: News, Entertainment)

    • Video Tags - Target ads by specific tags (eg: Joe Biden, Donald Trump). All videos that have these tags will run the ad

    • Browser - Target ads by browsers (eg: Chrome, Firefox)

    • OS - Target ads by OS (eg: Mac, Windows 10)

    • Time - Target ads by days and time (eg: run from 2 pm to 10 pm Monday to Friday)

    • User Frequency - Target ads by the number of times you want a user to see the ad (eg: 2 times per day)

    • Player Parameters - Target ads by devices (eg: iOS, Amazon Fire TV)

  • Click Confirm to complete the process.

  • On the next page click Save Campaign to save the campaign. Click Edit Campaign to edit the campaign details.

  • You can also Pause/Start your campaign from this page.

What’s next?

1. Learn more about Creating a Release order.

2. Learn more about creating coupons.

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