Monetize your videos and live streams with ads! We support different ad modes - video, banner, native and interstitial ads.

In this section, we cover video ads.

We have built a robust ad-server that is integrated with our platform. The ad-server supports video assets, VAST, VPAID, and programmatic tags. You can create and manage multiple campaigns at the same time.

How Ventuno serves ads to viewers

Ventuno follows the waterfall model for running campaigns.

In the waterfall model, the campaign with the highest priority is first shown to viewers when they click on a video. If the campaign doesn’t return an ad, the campaign with the second priority is shown. The process repeats until the campaign with the least priority is shown. If none of the campaigns return an ad, the viewer will be able to play the video without any ad.

If ad one

Else ad two

Else ad three

And so on….


  1. From the left menu, select Monetization > Video Ads > Manage Campaign.

  2. Click Add New Campaign on the right side of the screen to create your campaign.

  3. Select Ad type > Pre-roll, Mid-roll, or Post-roll as per your requirement.

  4. Enter Name of the campaign,

  5. Select the Release Order (RO) for this campaign under Campaign RO. Note: You need to create an RO before creating the campaign. Learn more about creating an RO.

  6. In Ad Asset Type, map the type of asset or tag you have. We support VAST, VPAID, Programmatic tags as well as an asset of the video. Learn more about creating assets.

  7. If you want to direct users to a new URL when they click on the ad, enter the URL in Click-Through URL.

  8. In Campaign Content-Type, decide whether you want to run the ad on On-demand content, live stream content, or both.

9. Under Secondary Information > Is Skippable ad? choose if the ad can be skipped by users or not. If yes, add the duration at which the skip should appear under Ad Skip Offset.

10. Targeting Information is used for setting the targeting criteria for the ad

  • Geo-Target ads by countries (eg: US, UK, Canada)

  • State - Target ads by states (eg: Texas, California)

  • City - Target ads by cities (eg: New York, Las Vegas)

  • Category - Target ads by categories (eg: News, Entertainment)

  • Video Tags - Target ads by specific tags (eg: Joe Biden, Donald Trump). All videos that have these tags will run the ad

  • Browser - Target ads by browsers (eg: Chrome, Firefox)

  • OS - Target ads by OS (eg: Mac, Windows 10)

  • Time - Target ads by days and time (eg: run from 2 pm to 10 pm Monday to Friday)

  • User Frequency - Target ads by the number of times you want a user to see the ad (eg: 2 times per day)

  • Player Parameters - Target ads by devices (eg: iOS, Amazon Fire TV)

11. Click ‘Confirm’ to complete the process.

10. On the next page click Save Campaign to save the campaign. Click Edit Campaign to edit the campaign details.

11. You can also Pause/Start your campaign from this page.

What’s next?

1. Learn more about Creating a Release order.

2. Learn more about creating coupons.

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