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creating and managing ad assets

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What are ad assets?

Ad Assets are essentially files that will be running as ads. It can be an image (for overlays banners or videos for videos pre/mid/post-roll ads). Multiple types of assets can be created and used for a single Release Order (RO)

How to create an Asset:

  • From the Monetization section of the left menu select AVOD (Video Ads) > Manage Assets.

  • Click Create New button

Fill in the details of your asset

  • Name & Description: Enter the Ad asset name and Description

  • Hosting Type:

    • Internal Hosting : Assets can directly be uploaded onto Ventuno servers and be used.

    • External : Asset links (an Url that points to the ad Assets) can be specified. So Ad will be running from the client’s preferred server/place.

  • Asset Type :

    • Video Ad : supports MP4 type of assets are allowed for video ads.

    • Overlay Banner : An overlay ad is a small banner-like ad that takes up the bottom 20% of a video's screen without obstructing the user's view.

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