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How users can re-activate their inactive subscriptions?
How users can re-activate their inactive subscriptions?
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

Reactivate subscription allows users to re-subscribe to their old plan by just clicking a button. Some users will become inactive if their payment fails due to multiple reasons. among these users, if their payment failed due to card failure, then they can use this option to resume/reactivate their old subscription plan. Using this option, we can retain/regain more users since they will not have to go to the subscription page again since most people think they already have their subscriptions renewed.

How this works:

  • When an inactive user(due to payment failure /Expired card, etc) logs in to their account and updates the card details in the billing info section the following will be triggered.

    • A Pop-up showing your subscription is inactive with the “Reactivate my subscription” button with proper instructions as shown below.

  • If the user closes the popup by mistake or wants to activate the subscription later, this can be done using the “Reactivate my subscription” button on the billing info page.

  • Once the user selects the Button, another pop-up will appear for confirmation, in case the user presses the button by mistake.

  • Once confirmed, their existing plan will be re-activated and the user will be charged for his subscription.

  • The user renewal date will be updated based on the date he activates his subscription. For example, if the user’s old renewal date was set to 10th January and the payment failed. If he reactivated his subscription again on 1st February, the renewal date needs to be updated to March 1, 2023(For Monthly), or February 1, 2024(For Yearly), based on the plan they subscribed to.

Points to remember:

  • The flow will work only if the users update their card details if the payment failure occurs after the grace period is completed.

  • If the user's payment fails due to some other reason and the user's card is not updated, then this flow will not be triggered.

  • The flow will not be available for ADMIN-added subscriptions

  • If the user logs out due to inactivity, then the pop-up will appear after logging in intimating the user to activate the subscription(for 2 days).

  • Available for PayPal and Credit card users.

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