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Refund the user and Revoke access via the Platform
Refund the user and Revoke access via the Platform
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

Refund for users:

  • You can refund transactions that have a status of settled or settling(Both current and old transactions) for PayPal and successful transactions for Stripe(credit card).

  • The refund amount can't be greater than the original transaction amount.

  • The transaction can't be refunded again after being completely refunded.

  • If you only want to refund a portion of the transaction, specify the amount to refund

  • We can perform single or multiple partial refunds on a given transaction

  • we can refund a transaction as many times as we like, as long as the sum of the refund amounts is less than the amount of the initial transaction.

  • If you have already partially refunded a transaction and then performed another refund without specifying the amount, we will refund the remaining non-refunded amount of the transaction.

Platform flow:

  1. The flow is implemented only for PayPal and Stripe users.

  2. If the user purchases the Plan in PayPal/Stripe and wants a refund, then it’s doable in the platform by following the steps.

  3. Search the user on the manage user page.

  1. Select “Manage”.

  2. Under the SVOD summary details, the list of plans purchased by the user will be listed.

  3. Under the Action section, you can see the “Refund” button available.

Select the button and a pop-up with the plan details and the refund amount will be displayed.

  • You can choose the refund type to make a full refund or a Partial refund.

  • If you select the full amount, the full amount of the plan will be refunded.

  • Also, you can use the partial amount refund to provide half or any amount less than the actual plan amount.

  • Once the details are added, press the “Submit” button.

A confirmation message will be displayed. Select “OK” to complete the refund process and the status will be updated next to the plan as “Refunded”.

Once the refund is completed, you can log in to your PayPal/Braintree/Stripe accounts and check the refund status of the users.

  • Please note that the amount is only refunded and the user still has content access. You need to use the “Revoke access” option to remove access for the refunded users.

Admin activities:

  1. You can check the Admin activity for the time, IP, and Geo from which the refund was made.

  2. Update the billing info page so that the users are refunded.

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