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Manage cancel subscription
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

If you find a huge number of users are leaving your site, then you can manage their cancellation requests. In some cases, the issues they are facing may be easily solvable and they can continue their subscription on your website or apps.

To achieve this we have a quite useful feature for you. Once the user presses the cancel button, their subscription will not be canceled. Instead, it will turn into a request, and you can reach out to the user to hear their issues and solve them within a time period say 48-72 hours(Or you can fix the time period to get back to the users). More than 75% of these users can be regained and you can maintain your user count.

You can also turn these requests into tickets to track them as soon as the cancellation is done.

By hearing these user issues, you can know where you can improve your service standards thereby attracting a huge audience to your site.

Steps for Manage cancel subscriptions:

1. Under the left menu select Users > Cancel subscriptions.

2. You will be taken to the Manage cancel subscription page.

3. You will have the user’s details such as user name, phone number, country, and cancel request date. If you can't see any user details, use the right side filter to filter users by date of cancellation.

4. On the Action tab, you will find two options.

a) Cancel: Using this you are accepting the user request and therefore their subscription will be canceled.

b) Resume: If you manage to resolve the issue and the user is ready to continue the subscription, You can select this option.

5. You can filter the users by date and also by endpoints.

6. Using this you can analyze where your more users are not satisfied with your services.

7. You can also export the reports into excel by using the Download as Excel option.

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