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How to manage campaigns
How to manage campaigns

This post will help you figure out which campaigns are active and which ones are paused. Also learn how to start or pause a campaign.

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  • From the Monetization section of the left menu, select AVOD Video Ads and then select Manage Campaigns

  • On the right, you will see filter options

    • Release Order: When you click on the dropdown list, you'll see all the release orders you've created. Once you select a specific release order, only the campaigns under that release order will be shown.

    • Campaign Type: If you choose an option from preroll, midroll, or post-roll, you will be able to view only campaigns of that specific Campaign Type.

    • Status: Select a status - Start, Paused, Closed, or Not Approved, and the campaigns will be filtered based on your selection.

  • Hit the Get Campaigns Button button

    You will only see campaigns based on your selection

How to Pause or Start Campaigns?

  • In the last column, labeled Pause Start, you'll see buttons for starting and pausing.

  • When you click the pause button an active campaign is paused

  • When you click the start button you can resume a paused campaign

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