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Customize your video player

Branding and skinning the player gives you the ability to quickly get the user attention

Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

Customize your video player and grab your viewer's attention!

The main purpose of player customization is to create a unique view of the user, which will vary depending on the occasion and content. Instead of a standard video player, this will provide a consistent user experience. This is why Ventuno offers player customization to build your own skin that features custom controls instead of using the default options.

Increase Brand Reach and attraction by Customizing Your player skin, Ventuno offers customers the ability to create multiple player skins with different domains.

Player Options

In this option you can create unlimited player of your own choice

  • Domain

    • Create a player for each domain

  • Player Name

    • Differentiate player with a unique name

  • Player Logo

    • Own Branding/Partner Branding options

  • AutoPlay

    • Enabling/Disabling autoplay content in the player

  • Volume

    • Choose default player volume

  • Hover color

    • Choose your own hover color for an attractive player

  • Pause Screen

    • Enable this option to show playing video thumbnail/related video thumbnail

  • End Card

    • The end card will show your attractive content to push the viewer to watch more

  • Related Videos

    • Enable the related video section to showcase the user of his choice relevant content

  • Auto Jump to next video

    • Allowing the player to move the next video without a click, useful feature for episodes and series

  • Player Menu

    • Enabling social media icons on the player to share the video details

  • Enable Video views

    • Enable the option if you want the user to know the number of views for the content

  • Enable Video Title

    • Enable the video title option if the title must be shown on the player

Once Player customization is completed, you can preview the player by using the Preview option.

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