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Customizing Landing Page
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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page designed for a targeted audience to take a particular action, often serving as the entry point to a website.

Why is a landing page important for your streaming service?

It serves as the first impression for potential viewers, providing a snapshot of what the streaming service offers.: A well-designed landing page can encourage visitors to sign up, subscribe, or explore more content, ultimately converting them into users.

Here is what your landing page should have?

  • Compelling Visuals: Stunning images that show off your diverse and high-quality content.

  • Clear Value Proposition: A short and crisp statement that shouts out why your streaming service is the best.

  • Strategic CTAs: Calls-to-action buttons encouraging sign-ups, trial starts, or content exploration.

  • Featured Content: A spotlight on your top-knotch content to immediately capture attention.

πŸ’‘ Bonus Tip: Ensure your landing page looks fantastic and functions smoothly across all devices.

Your landing page is your streaming service's front doorβ€” It should be inviting, engaging, and showcase the the fantastic content that awaits.

Let's create a landing page that not only attracts but captivates your audience.

How to customize your landing page?

  • From the Apps section of the left menu, Select Responsive Website β†’ Website(beta).

  • Head to the Pages tab

  • In the list of Pages, you will see the Landing Page (with a default page flag)

  • You can Add, Edit or Delete sections here

⚠️ Note: You have the option to include either a Grid Listing or a Scroll Widget section on your Landing page. Despite being limited to these two widgets, you have the flexibility to customize and achieve a variety of layouts and styles.

Grid listing:

A grid listing of videos on your landing page, featuring your best content can highlight the Unique Selling Point (USP) for your streaming service.

To create a grid listing, on your landing page add a new section and select grid listing

  • You need to follow the same steps as you do in a normal grid listing.

  • The only additional thing you need to do here is that you need to add the sort by details for this listing.

Under this sorting, you have the following:

  1. Default content order- Using this option you can sort the videos based on the order of the content and in case if you are using a playlist then this will be updated based on the playlist order.

  2. By Title A-Z- Using this option, The videos will be automatically arranged in alphabetical order based on the video name.

  3. By publish date- Using this option, The videos will be automatically updated based on the video publishing date on the platform. If you keep adding content then the videos will be updated automatically based on the publishing date.

Below is the sample image of how the grid listing will look on the Landing page.

πŸ’‘ We recommend adding a grid as the second widget right below your first call with a compelling pitch.

Scroll widget:

The Scroll Widget is like a customizable tool to arrange and present things on your landing page. Let's go through what you can do with each of the components

  • Section Title:

    • What it does: It's the main heading for a part of your page.

    • How to use: Use it to tell people what's in that section, like types of shows or special features.

    • Under the content settings, you can do the following:

      • Enable/Disable the Title section

      • Size of the title (Default/Small/Large)

      • Color of the Title

  • Overline (Text Above Title):

    • What it does: It's a short intro before the section title.

    • How to use: Briefly say something interesting or important about the content.

    • Under the content settings, you can do the following:

      • Enable/Disable the Overline section

      • Size of the Overline (Default/Small/Large)

      • Color of the Overline


  • Subtitle (Text Below Title):

    • What it does: It's extra info under the section title.

    • How to use: Explain a bit more about what's in that section.

    • Under the content settings, you can do the following:

      • Enable/Disable the Subtitle section

      • Size of the Subtitle (Default/Small/Large)

      • Color of the Subtitle

  • Thumbnail (Full Width or Hero):

    • What it does: It's a picture that shows a sneak peek of the content.

    • How to use: Pick full-width for a clean look or hero for a big and bold visual.

    • Here is a guide on how to upload the images. The banner ads can be used either as full width or hero image in your landing page.


  • Description (A Few Lines of Text):

    • What it does: It's a short bit of extra info about the section.

    • How to use: Add a quick description to highlight cool things about the content.

    • Under the content settings, you can do the following:

      • Enable/Disable the Description section

      • Size of the Description(Default/Small/Large)

      • Color of the Description

  • Button Text (CTA Button):

    • What it does: It's a button that tells people what to do.

    • How to use: Write something that makes people want to click, like "Watch Now" or "Find Out More."

  • Button URL:

    • What it does: It's where the button takes people when they click it.

    • How to use: Put a link to something interesting, like a video or a special page.




Scroll Widget

Customization Combos: Mix and match these things however you like. For example, you can have a big picture with a title, a short intro, and a button that says "Watch Now." Or you can have a full-width picture with a description and a button that says "Discover More."

Play around with these options to make your page look awesome and show off your streaming content in the best way!


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