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Edit your Account Details
Edit your Account Details
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

After you logged into your Ventuno account, you need to provide your details under account details. The details will be either empty or filled by our team during your account creation process. You need to check and update those details.

Steps to edit your Account details:

1. Under the left Menu bar, select My Profile > Account Details > Edit, here you can edit your account details.

2. You can also edit your account details by clicking the profile name displayed on the right top. Select Manage profile.

3. You will be taken to the Account details page.

4. Mention your Name under the Partner name.

5. Mention your Full address in Full Address > Address 1 > Address 2

6. Mention your City, State, and Country.

7. Mention the Postal code under ZIP.

8. Mention your Phone Number

9. Mention URL of your Website

10. Enter your contact email.

11. Mention your Timezone from the dropdown list.

11. Select Update to save your account details.

What’s next?

2. Learn more about FAQ.

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