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Setting the sizes for your thumbnails

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It's important to strike a balance between thumbnail size and the quantity of thumbnails displayed in a single scroll to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

The appropriate use of thumbnail sizes on a streaming website or app depends on several factors, including the platform's design and the user experience. Here are some general guidelines for using different thumbnail sizes:

Small thumbnails:

Small thumbnails are useful for showcasing a grid of images, such as in the All Videos page or a category page. They can help users quickly scan through a large number of options.

Small thumbnails in streaming site

Medium thumbnails:

Medium-sized thumbnails can work well in a range of situations, including as previews for videos or as a list of related content. They are large enough to give users a sense of the content but still small enough to fit several on a single screen.

Medium size thumbnails in streaming site

Large thumbnails:

Large thumbnails are best for showcasing selected pieces of content, such as featured videos or personalized content. They allow users to get a better sense of the content before clicking through to view it.

Large Size thumbnails in streaming site

Extra large thumbnails:

Extra large thumbnails can be used sparingly to create a more immersive browsing experience. They work well in situations where the thumbnails are the primary content. When you are featuring something special on the thumbnail.

Say, when the image of a particular artist on the thumb could make more viewers watch it. Or when you have some, test on your thumb and you want to make sure it is readable.

Jumbo thumbnails:

Jumbo thumbnails are best reserved for situations where the thumb is the focus of the content. They can be used to create a dramatic visual impact and draw users' attention to the content.

In general, it's a good idea to use a mix of thumbnail sizes to create visual interest and help guide users through the platform.

How to set thumbnail sizes?

While creating your horizontal listing and grid listing

After selecting the content to be showcased, scroll down to the Thumbnail Size section

From the drop-down, select the required size.

Click the Save button

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