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How to delete EPG and add new playlist looping
How to delete EPG and add new playlist looping
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

Follow the steps below to delete the existing EPG from the platform for a channel:

You can delete a channel's scheduled programs from the EPG either one program at a time or All programs for the day selected.

Programs scheduled within 2 hours from the current time cannot be deleted.

1. From the menu, Select VOD to Live→ Manage program.

2. Select the channel you want to delete the scheduled programs.

3. Select the date that you want to delete the programs.

  • All programs will list the upcoming programs for 3 days including the present day.

  • The custom date will allow you to select an individual date from which the program is scheduled.

4. Choose the “Select all” option as shown below to delete the programs that are scheduled 2 hours from your current time for the selected day above

5. Now click the “Delete selected programs” button to delete the selected scheduled programs.

6. This will remove all the programs scheduled for the channel after 2 hours from your current time for the rest of the day as well as the future dates too.

7. You can select individual programs and delete them as well. If you delete individual programs then you need to make sure that you have scheduled another program in the deleted time slot. Otherwise, the program will be empty and no video will play during that time.

8. If you used the select all option and deleted all the programs, then you can add EPG by looping playlist content or by adding videos from the show.

9. If you want to add videos by looping the playlist content, Go to the “Add program” section and add the playlist to the EPG by following the steps in the below article.

Note: Please make sure you have deleted all the existing EPG programs before scheduling the new EPG programs by playlist looping.

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