Adding content partner program to the existing EPG schedule

You might want to air your new, big-budget show during prime time because that is when your viewers will tune in to see if they like the new line-up.

But what if you have already scheduled your regular show using loops on that time slot?

No worries. You can override your schedule with these simple steps. And if it works out you can modify your regular schedule to suit your new needs.

From the Video Playout Section of the left menu, select Manage EPG (VOD to Live) Content > Add Program

Left Menu Navigation
  • Select the EPG from the drop-down

  • Select the Yes option in the Is Content Partner field
    ⚠️ Note: No is selected by default

  • Select the content partner who contributes the required piece of content

  • Select the video which you want to stream at the selected time

  • Please note that once the content partner is selected, the videos only uploaded by the content partner will be listed,

  • Fill in details like the Program name and select the time slot you want to insert the program.

  • For Scheduling the content insertion, you need to add the programs 4 hours before you want the video to be added to the EPG. If you want to add a 30 minutes program from 6.00-6.30 pm, Then you need to add the program before 2.00 pm.

  • As an alternative, you can add the programs for the next day or upcoming days. This 4 hours limitation is to make sure the Scheduled EPG is not affected by the newly added program and also provide sufficient time for the programs to make the adjustments.

  • There will be two scenarios while inserting content:

    1. In Between an already added program:

      In this case, if the scheduled program is from 6.00- 6.30 pm and you want to add a program from 6.15 to 6.45 pm, the 6'0 clock program will stop at 6.15 and the newly injected program starts to play. The next program which is scheduled from 6.30- 7.00 will be pushed to start from 6.45 pm and the rest of the programs will play one after another(pushed 15 mins).

    2. On the Exact time when the program starts:

      In this case, if the scheduled program is from 6.00- 6.30 pm and you want to add a program from 6.00 to 6.45 pm, the old 6'0 clock program will be pushed to 6.45 and the newly injected program starts to play at 6.00 pm. And no program time will be lost while adding in this case.

  • Finally, hit the Submit button

💡 Pro tip: You can use this method to schedule promotional content from your partners and make them win your audience's attention.

💡Things to keep in mind:

  • This feature will work only when you select the content partner. Otherwise, you will get an error "Program already available" if you try to add a program in between the scheduled EPG.

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