You would want to send emails to users for various scenarios like password change requests, forgot password/email, 2-Step verification, introduction email, etc.

You can do that by integrating an email marketing tool with Ventuno.

We have an integration with Amazon SES. Click here to learn more about Amazon SES.

In this article, we will look at how to edit the content of the email:

1. From the left menu, under Marketing select Build Audience> Manage Mail Content.

2. You will see rows for sending all kinds of emails:

  • registration success email

  • change password email

  • forgot password email

  • Connect (TV)

  • subscription success email

  • cancel subscription email

  • 2-Step Verification (OTP) email

3. Click Edit against a row and add the content for the email.

4. Click Update on the top right/ bottom right to save the changes.

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