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Adding the {{unsubscribe_link}} Placeholder to Your Emails
Adding the {{unsubscribe_link}} Placeholder to Your Emails

Say goodbye to frustrated users and wasted emails - read our guide now!

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As a streaming service, you know how important it is to keep your users engaged with your platform. However, it can be frustrating when some users no longer want to receive your email updates, and it can also be a waste of your resources. That's where the {{unsubscribe_link}} placeholder comes in - it's a simple and effective way to give your users the option to unsubscribe from your emails with just one click.

By enabling this feature, you can ensure that your users have more control over their email preferences and can choose which types of emails they want to receive from you. This can help improve the overall user experience on your platform and build trust with your users.

What is {{unsubscribe_link}} ?

The {{unsubscribe_link}} is a clickable link that we enable you to insert into your emails, giving your recipients the power to easily unsubscribe from your mailing list whenever they wish

πŸ’‘ Enabling this feature is easy - all you need to do is add the {{unsubscribe_link}} placeholder in your email content, which you can do anywhere you like (although we recommend placing it at the bottom of your email content).

Once a user clicks the unsubscribe button in the email, they'll be taken to a confirmation page where they can specify which types of emails they want to stop receiving. After making their selection, they won't receive any further emails from you that fall under those categories.

Enabling this feature is a great way to show your users that you value their preferences and are committed to providing a positive user experience.

How to enable {{unsubscribe_link}} ?

Let me walk you through the steps:

  • From the Marketing section of the left menu, select Manage Email Triggers

  • Click on the Create button on the top right or the Edit button under the respective trigger

  • Select the Trigger Type

  • Now edit the subject and body of the email

  • Paste the {{unsubscribe_link}} placeholder at the desired place (we recommend the bottom of the email)

  • In the Unsubscribe Email field, select Yes

  • When a user receives an email, if the platform's unsubscribe option is enabled, an unsubscribe button appears in that email

  • When a user clicks the unsubscribe button, they'll be taken to a confirmation page that displays all the emails that they will stop receiving.

  • It's important to note that all emails that the user will no longer receive must be listed on the confirmation screen.

  • After making their selection, the user won't receive any further emails falling under the selected categories when they click the unsubscribe button.

Best Practices

  • Placement: It is recommended to place the {{unsubscribe_link}} at the bottom of your email content, where it is easily visible and accessible to your subscribers. This ensures that they can quickly locate the link when they wish to unsubscribe.

  • Clear and Concise Text: Precede the {{unsubscribe_link}} with a clear and concise message that informs your subscribers about its purpose. For example, you can include a brief line such as "To unsubscribe from our email updates, click the link below." This helps set expectations and ensures that subscribers understand the function of the link.

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