How to order your channels?
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What is channel order?

When you have multiple live channels, you may want to showcase them in a certain order.

For instance, in the below capture, there are 3 channels, the first one is cooking, the second one is the art and the third is yoga.

This is the channel order. Now, if I want to move the Yoga channel to the second position, this is what I should do.

How to change Channel Order

  • From the Content section of the left menu, select Organize and then select Manage Channel.

Here you will see the list of channels that you have created

  • Here, you can select the channel you want to edit and click on the Edit button.

  • You will see the channel details, scroll down to the Channel Order field. You can select the order from the dropdown.
    ⚠️ Note: You will only see positions that are not yet taken.

    So for the above example, To move the Yoga channel to the second position,

    • I have changed the Art channel to position 0.

    • Now change the order of the Yoga channel to 2.

    • Position 2 was made available in the previous step After I changed the Art channel order to 0.

    • Finally, change the channel order of the Art channel to 3.

  • Hit on the Submit button, once you change the channel order for each channel.

Now the updated order will be,

  1. Cooking channel

  2. Yoga channel

  3. Art channel.

If you are adding more channels to your Live page, this option will help you to showcase the most popular channels you have on the top of the page. You can also re-arrange them as required.

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