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How to grant admin access to your Roku developer account
How to grant admin access to your Roku developer account
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The Account section in the Developer Dashboard includes two user access management options: User access and Switch account. The User access option is used to grant access to the channels in your account to other users.

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To grant access to a channel in your account, click User access, and then click Add a user in the Manage User Access page. If the user being added already has a Roku developer account, they are granted access to the channel immediately.

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Adding existing Roku developer accounts

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We will require Administrator access to

An Administrator/owner can empower another developer immediately: just click the Create button after setting the several parameters that are described in the table below:

"Add a user" parameter


Email address

Any legitimate email address can be used. It is ideal to use the address that belongs to an existing Roku developer account.


A list of roles this user can play. Note that a single user can have more than one role in a given account.


If one or more Roles being assigned have Channel-level access, this field is used to determine which of the Channels associated with the root account the empowered user should be granted access to. A single user can have access to more than one of the root account's Channels.


Identifies the affiliation of the empowered user.

Note: When we publish the app on your behalf, you need to verify our developer email ID, when an email notification is sent to you from Roku.

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