Scheduling videos helps to promote your exclusive content before release. It’s a good way of sharing quality content on a regular basis. Scheduling videos ensures you are publishing those videos at a time that is optimal for your audience.

In case you have an exclusive series, you can promote each of the episodes prior to the release and schedule each of them weekly or daily as per your requirement.

Steps for Scheduling a video:

1. Follow the initial steps for uploading a video.

2. Under Publish Date & Time, select the date you want to publish and also the time you want to make the content available to the audience.

3. If you didn’t change the Publish Date & Time of the video and left the section as it is, the video will be published on the day of uploading.

4. After selecting the date and time, Select Save changes to complete the scheduling process.

5. Once the video is encoded, it will come under scheduled videos.

6. You can view/edit your scheduled video under video library > Scheduled video.

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