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How to create a Firebase project for Android app/iOS app
How to create a Firebase project for Android app/iOS app

Creating Firebase project for Android app/iOS app and granting access to Ventuno

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  • Click firebase project

  • Click settings gear (next to project overview)

  • Click project settings

  • Click Add App β†’ Add Firebase to your Android app/iOS app

  • Add Android app package name/iOS Bundle ID and App name

    • E.g.:

πŸ’‘ Note: If you have the same package name already skip to the next step. Select your app and click the 'ADD FINGERPRINT' button

  • Add Debug signing certificate SHA-1

Granting Access to Your Firebase Project

Once you setup your account, you will have to grant access to Ventuno for our developers to enable features like Push notifications and Live Chat. Here is how you can grant access.

πŸ’‘ We will require Owner access for Database creation within your Firebase account. This is essential for enabling Live Chat

  • Login to the Firebase Console

  • Go to the respective Firebase project

  • Click on the settings gear from the left menu and choose Project Settings

  • Click on the Users and permissions tab and click Add member

  • Enter the email address []and select the role as Owner

  • Click on the Add member

    Once you grant the access, your account manager will let you know when the live chat database or the configuration for push notifications is up and running.

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