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Color Customization
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What is website color customization?

Changing the colors used on your website for aesthetic or branding reasons is website color customization.

How does it help with branding?

You can enhance your brand's identity by aligning your website colors with your brand's color scheme, which can help you create a consistent and recognizable visual identity.

Colors play an important role in the way consumers perceive your brand, and a well-chosen color palette can evoke emotions and make a strong visual impact.

The colors you choose for your website and apps can reflect your brand accurately. So choose them wisely.

Additionally, having a consistent color scheme across your website and apps can help create a more professional and trustworthy image, as well as make it easier for users to recognize and remember your brand.

Choosing the right colors to reflect your brand on your website

Let's explore the key elements to consider when choosing the right colors to make your website reflect your brand.


Where is it used

Primary Brand Color

eg: Buttons such as sign-in and Watch more


The additional buttons that appear. We recommend you use a color that is close to or identical to the primary color.


The background color of your website

Surface color

The surface color of elements like the header menu or left menu

On Surface color

The color of the text elements on the surface (eg: Text on the header menu)

How to customize colors for your website?

Now that you know what colors you need to customize on your website, let's dive into how to change them.

  • From the Endpoints section of the left menu, select Responsive Website and then Website

  • You will be taken to the Theme Selection page. Here you can preview or select a theme.

    πŸ’‘ Select dark theme if you are planning for dark colors on your website, this will set up a base for you, likewise select light, if you are planning to use a lighter background.

  • Select the Basic Info tab.

  • Expand the Color Customization section and select the colors for your website

  • Once you select the colors, hit the Save button

⚠️ Note: Initially, you will only be able to see the brand's primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, only when you select the Advanced customization you will be able to modify the background and surface colors.

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