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learn how code Snippet Integrations can work on your website

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What are code snippets?

Some tools can be inserted into your website as a JavaScript snippet. A typical example is the chatbot that you see at the bottom of this page.

This bot was integrated into our website with a script provided by the chat vendor.

You can integrate any such tool into your website by simply pasting the code provided by your vendor (service provider).

Here is how you do it

  • From the Endpoints section of the left menu, select Responsive Website > Code Snippet

  • Then click on the Create New Snippet button.

You will see the Create snippet page

Fill in

  • Template Name: a name for your snippet

  • Code Provider: Select a code provider (type chatbot, social handles, store, etc.)

  • Code Insert: Select where it has to be integrated (head or body)
    ℹ️ Head Snippets are integrated into the head section of all pages.

    Body Snippets are typically integrated into the body section of a single page

  • Code: Paste the code provided by your vendor

  • Status: Set status (Active for the snippet to actively work on your website, Inactive to disable it)

Finally, click on the Submit button

To edit an existing Code snippet

  • From the Endpoints section of the left menu, select Responsive Website > Code Snippet

  • Click on the Edit button in the Action column.

Finding code snippet integrations

If you have multiple integrations and want to edit or disable a particular code you can filter it out by

  • Provider

  • Date range (when it was added to your website)

  • By name

Adding the snippet to your website

Once you have added a code snippet, select the snippet in the Integrations section of the Footer menu customization to make sure it is added to your website

🚨. Your code will not appear on the website if it is not integrated into the footer menu.

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