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A logo is more than just a picture. It is the cornerstone of your company's visual identity, which plays a significant role in representing your brand to people who interact with it. Your logo should be eye-catching to represent the uniqueness of your business or product. Itโ€™s important to keep in mind that your logo should be simple and easy to remember.

Below are the preferred dimensions for Logo, Favicon, and Sitemap images for your website:

Image Type

Recommended Format

Recommended Size






1:1 (640x640)

Site Image



  • What is a favicon?
    Favicons are small images that appear next to everything that identifies it on a browser. It makes your website stand out in the bookmarks tab, pinned tabs, browsing history, and search bars.

  • What is a site image?

A site image is an image that features while sharing your website on social platforms. This image will represent you on various social platforms when your viewers are trying to spread the word. Choose it wisely.

Uploading Assets for your Website:

1. From the left menu, Under Responsive Website โ†’ Website(beta) โ†’ Select the basic info tab and then Asset details.

2. All the needed assets for building your website will be added by default. If you have any assets in the dimensions mentioned above, you can upload them and click the "Save" button.

3. Always make sure that you design your assets properly and update them regularly so that your website looks professional.

4. The Ads File and App Ads File are important for you to run ads on your website(optional).

5. Once you have updated the web site's assets, you will have to rebuild the site to check if the changes are seamless.

6. Select the Build Website tab and click the build Test website button to start building your website with the updated assets.

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