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Explore the benefits of sitemaps and unlock the potential for higher rankings and increased organic traffic for your streaming website.

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What are sitemaps?

Sitemaps are files that contain a list of pages on your website, as well as information about your site's content. The purpose of sitemaps is to provide search engine crawlers with a roadmap of a website's content so that they can more easily and effectively index the site.

Sitemaps can be used to ensure that search engines are aware of all the pages on a website, including pages that might not otherwise be easily discoverable through normal crawling processes. Sitemaps can also provide additional information to search engines about the priority and frequency of updates to pages on the site.

What fields does your sitemap include?

Your sitemaps are automatically generated and updated

Here is a snippet of how each URL will show up in your sitemap


Your sitemap will update automatically on the following cases

At Ventuno, we understand the value of organic traffic, and that's why we go the extra mile to ensure your sitemap is always up-to-date. Our dynamic sitemap automatically updates on the below scenarios

  1. When you make changes to the Show/Video meta details. The lastmod date will be auto-updated

  2. When you delete/make inactive a video or show, The pages associated will be removed




The address of the webpage


Provides search engines with a hint as to which pages on the site are more important or relevant default: Your static and home pages will have priority set to 1

Platform Created pages will have a priority of 0.75

All video pages will have a priority of 0.5


Indicates the last modification date of the page. This will automatically update when you update the meta associated with the show or video

Where to find your sitemap?

You can find the sitemap at For custom domains, this will be

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