Gift Cards

gift cards are the most preferred and most purchased gift item!!

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What are gift cards?

Gift Cards are a fantastic way for your users to gift their friends and family exposure to your content.

Moreover, the recipient may continue to purchase your content. This way you could acquire more viewers.

What are the different types of gift cards supported?

  • Subscription gift cards

  • TVOD gift cards

  • Price value gift cards

Now let's get into how to manage gift cards for your OTT service?

  • From the Marketing section of the left menu, select Build Audience > Manage Gift Cards

You will see a list of gift codes and their details

  • You can always filter the data based on date range or gift card status.

💡 Pro tip: You can also export the data to an excel sheet for further analysis.

How can gift cards be redeemed?

  • The recipient of the gift will receive an email with a redemption code

  • They can redeem the code on your website or apps.

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