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Upload audio files for your Live Radio/Podcast
Upload audio files for your Live Radio/Podcast
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

If you are having a live stream radio or Podcast for your website and apps you can upload audio files for them on our platform like uploading a video. You can add a thumbnail to the audio files so that they can attract the audience to look for them.

Ventuno supports the following audio file formats:

  • MP3

  • M4A

  • WAV

  • AAC - 2.1 audio

  • AC3 - 5.1 audio (Dolby Digital)

Steps for uploading an Audio file:

1. Uploading an audio file is similar to uploading a video from your local storage except you need to select an audio file instead of a video.

2. Click here to learn the steps for uploading a video.

3. After uploading the audio file, You can check your uploaded file under your Video Library.

Steps for adding live radio/Podcast:

To add a live radio on your website and apps, you have to create an EPG first and map it with the uploaded file.

You can add the EPG while uploading or after uploading. Click here to know more about how to add a Livestream EPG.

1. Follow the above steps for uploading an audio file, Under Advanced options select the EPG from the list you would like to map the Uploaded file.

2. You can add it to a playlist and also Geo-target them if required.

3. Select Save changes to complete the process.

4. You can check your uploaded file under your Video Library and even can change the EPG linked on the Video library by selecting Manage video next to the video you want to update.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can find the Advanced option and change the EPG by selecting it from the list.

6. Select Save changes to update the EPG.

What’s Next?

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2. Click here to learn more about the Video library.

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