Carousel is a great choice for demonstrating video sliders on your web page.

To add videos to your carousel,

1. Under the left menu select Endpoints > Widget Customization.

2. Select Manage to view Page Customization.

3. From the Dropdown list select Video Carousel > Add new.

4. Enter the Title and Number of videos you want to add to the carousel.

5. Enter the Show ID if you want to display the shows in the Carousel.

6. Enter the Video ID’s if you like to display videos to the Carousel.

7. Enter the Carousel type like Movies, Video Songs, Comedy videos, etc.

8. Enter the Sort by or the videos will be arranged as per the Video/Show ID entered.

9. Under User Type You can select which type of user can be able to view this carousel. You can select a different type of carousel for Subscribed, Registered, and Non Registered users.

10. You can give Carousel Thumb by selecting Choose File. It is possible to give more than one Thumb by selecting ‘+’ .

11. Enter the Carousel Landing URL and you can give more than one URL by selecting ’+’.

12. Under META, enter the ‘LargeTitle’ which can describe the video.

13. Enter Y (Yes) / N (No) in ‘Can Show Video Title YN’ and it will show the video title according to your selection.

14. Select ‘Save’ to save all the given details.

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